"How you look, it must, it does, define what you get. You have to push to get certain parts. I did a film called Smokin’ Aces. And originally the casting director wouldn’t see me for the part - a tattooed, redneck hillbilly. I really wanted the part, I pushed for it, I went in and eventually got it. That was definitely one of the big highlights of my career."


"They had so many different shields in this film. We had the heavy shields for the shots where I need to block myself, or it’s gonna be a close-up—it’s this nice, shiny, metallic. We have [the] rubber shield when I’m actually knocking someone out with it and I actually gotta hit somebody. We’ve had a couple of shields that are magnetic for when I gotta slip it on my back. And then we’ll use no shield at all every now and then. Every now and then, we’ll have to do a shot where I have to throw it and they’ll just CGI it.

- Chris Evans, Outfitting A Hero